The final event of the PERSE project happened on the 31st of January, 2023 in Martinique, France, by the partner D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs. After presenting the PERSE project, its objectives, targeted audience, its activities, deliverables, and European partners, the main objectives of it were to make the link between the local partners, to create a connection between formal and non-formal education in a project, dissemination and presentation of the project results; brainstorm on the future of education in an inclusive way.

35 people took part in the event. They represented some organizations such as the COMOB – collective of mobility of Martinique; state with DRAJES; local youth associations like Boumkaliko; Mission locale as MILCEM; Rectorship and private company as Silys Conseil et Formation.

Some thoughts about Erasmus projects in peripheral areas emerged during the event thanks to a workshop. The need to spread information about Erasmus projects in peripheral areas was agreed on by most of the participants.

Also, a participant evoked language trainings to youth and youth-workers to help them along Erasmus projects. A director of a young association suggested a system that could guide project promoters in the building and implementation of Erasmus projects in peripheral areas. Everyone agreed on the need to include anyone from different backgrounds in order to promote social inclusion in peripheral areas.

D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs