KAIROS is a consortium of social cooperatives working to empower and promote Italian local communities and territories. Since its foundation in 2001, the consortium offers services and create relations with full respect for the dignity of people, their history, their work.

KAIROS aims to enhance social inclusion and valorize local communities supporting the sharing of a non-profit culture and values and generating virtuous solidarity networks.

KAIROS acts as a creative lab in which solidarity and local empowerment actions combine with new ideas, innovations and refurbished relations with distant realities from profit and non-profit sectors.

The consortium deals with different vulnerable targets such as minors, young people aged 18 – 30, psychomotor disability, elderly, migrants, socio-economic disadvantaged adults.

Some of the social inclusion activities promoted in the local communities are:

– active labour policies;

– community empowerment actions;

– international exchanges across Europe for young people;

– construction of social innovation projects;

– educational and training activities.



Inter Alia  is a non-profit organisation established in 2013 aiming at the creation of an inclusive and active European civil society. Our work is inspired by and registered in these values and aims to uphold the rights that derive from them. We assert this through small actual changes and thought-provocation, activating deeper processes of change in the longer term.

Inter Alia is particularly active in the fields of education, advocacy, youth work and culture. Our activities focus on different groups and are carried out in collaboration with relevant social actors, aiming at having an effect on all involved parties; they are, in principle, participatory, empowering, inclusive, transformative, intersectional, cross-disciplinary, innovative and accessible.


Social Hackers Academy is a Greek NGO that wants people to have equal access to education, the labour market and a future-proof Career. In order to do so, they provide advanced digital education to vulnerable groups, especially refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and NEET. SHA has developed its own e-learning platform, creating a system of online education where the students are placed in the centre, receive individualized support, enhance their hard skills and non-cognitive skills, etc. Moreover, SHA aims to provide a long term solution by supporting them in getting a job in the ICT industry and achieve their re-integration into society and financial independence.


D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs (DA&DA), created in 2016 and based in Martinique (French Overseas Department), is an organization that works for the promotion of an active participation in the civil society, especially of women and young people with fewer opportunities.

Through 3 sectors:

Youth and mobility > D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs enable young people and youth workers from the West Indies-French Guiana to experience international mobility through this sector, during which they will discover other cultures and develop a series of transversal skills, useful for their employability and/or work.

Cooperation > D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs supports and develops projects of cooperation and international solidarity related to capacity building, empowerment of disadvantaged groups, especially women, in the field of responsible tourism, entrepreneurship, …

Citizen laboratory > D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs also works at local level to develop and implement initiatives linked to the needs of the local population and local partners, on different topics such as environment, fight against discrimination, cyber-bullying.


Founded in 2001, Nisi Masa is a non-profit organization that gathers a network of 24 cinema associations, currently present in 22 countries. It aims to encourage and promote young European cinema by facilitating collaboration and exchange among its members and beyond by developing a wide range of programmes and initiatives. 

Our main aims are to discover new film talents, to develop cross-cultural audio-visual projects, to foster European awareness through cinema, to create a platform of discussion and collaboration for young European filmmakers and to create a network and promotion platform for our professional members. 

In a nutshell, NISI MASA organizes various workshops covering different areas of the film industry, helping to bridge the gap between film school/ amateur status and the professional field in film and TV for young Europeans.


Set up in 1984 and in conformity with the mission of the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, the Education Department promotes and spreads awareness of contemporary art and culture inside and outside the Castle.

The programmes are aimed at different audiences: schools, institutions involved in education, the training, cultural and promotional sector and to families and the public generally. The methodological, conceptual and operative framework conforms to the inspiring principle of Educating towards art with art and takes material form in methods that turn the spectator into a protagonist. The innumerable activities, in line with national and international standards, are inspired by principles of lifelong learning, peer education and total accessibility for the disabled. Thanks to its experimental and research activity, the Education Department has highlighted the importance of education in art within society and has obtained accreditation from the MIUR – Ministero dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca (Ministry for Education, Universities and Research) as a training facility for school teachers.


Casa da Imagem (CI-FML) is an artistic and educational centre, where media and visual literacy can be learned and explored by the community. It located in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, in the north of Portugual. CI-FML is part of Fundação Manuel Leão, a private, non-profit entity with public interest status. Emerged in 2011, offering a space of education and artistic activities, initiatives and endeavours. Casa da Imagem has the goal of preserving and producing research on the Archive “Foto Comercial Teófilo Rego” which represents the personal and commercial activity of the photographer between the years 40s and 90s of the XX century. CI-FML promotes activities based on sharing and practices that favour constant experimentation and the discovery of means, technologies and reflections that come to life through objects/actions. It’s “Image Museum” substantiates the relation the people establish with technology to express themselves through image, facing shared contemporary challenges, like the democratic access to culture and social/ecological sustainability.


Sunrise Project France is non-governmental association based in Villeneuve d’Ascq, France.
The NGO implements actions both at local and international level. Sunrise Project mission is
to inspire and empower children, young people and adults to find their inner self, discover
and make use of their full potential to find inner joy and happiness in the long term.
The actions implemented by the organization aim to ensure long-term fulfilment of children,
youngsters and adults, inspire lifelong learning and to promote tolerance and integration in a
globalised world. SPF members firmly believe that everyone has a crucial role to play in
shaping the future of the world. To shape a better future we need values, beliefs and
lifelong learning, Therefore, SPF organisation implements different non-formal activities that
address the development of healthy attitudes and competences. The NGO is developing
different methods to combat some of the biggest challenges our society is facing:
stereotypes, unemployment, racism, social exclusion, lack of personal awareness.
SPF believes that only acquiring knowledge in the formal education system cannot help a
person to keep up with the challenges brought by the future. Everyone should be taught
something unique so that a machine can never catch up with them. Children, youngsters and
adults should acquire soft skills like: values, creativity, believing, independent thinking,
teamwork, care for others and kindness.