Living reality – between art and nature


This popup lab was developed by a team in Italy.

ISSUE: Different perspectives of how we sense nature, universe, environment and human evolution.
AGE OF PARTICIPANTS: 15 – 18 years old
TOTAL DURATION: 9 h 25 min – 12 h
TYPE OF APPROACH: Art Based Learning, Inquiry Based Science Education, Technology Based Learning, Multisensory approach


First theme: What really matters, in a person, is the ability to use the things that they know and to understand when is a good idea to open that box, how to dig in it, how to choose what they put in it and then use it in the best way possible in their daily lives or when the perfect occasion arises. Second theme is two biases of the single and of the community: geocentrism and anthropocentrism. The only way to grow is through confrontation, by sharing ideas and by going outside of the box, outside our frame of reference. We need to scale-up, to branch out, to connect. These are the workshop’s two missions. We will try to achieve them with the help of different activities, both practical and theoretical, individual and in groups.

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