CREATIVE THINKING is defined as the thinking that enables students to apply their imagination to generate ideas, questions and hypothesis, experimenting with alternatives and evaluating their own and their peers’ opinions, final product and processes.

CREATIVITY is a recognised transversal skill for both ART and STEM disciplines and a fundamental driver for innovation. However, there is still a lack of holistic pedagogical approaches that can strictly connect them.


The PERSE project aims at developing and formalising a creativity-oriented pedagogical approach that overcomes the dualism among non-formal/informal education for ART and STEM.

Art-based learning + Inquiry science based learning + Technology-based learning = STE(A)M.


To foster skill-building and competencies to reinforce creativity in youth as a key competence

To support the creative potential of youth by promoting cross-sectoral cooperation

To develop innovative learning tools, resources, and training

To engage organizations and crucial players to stimulate European awareness of this challenge


  • To define an innovative PERSE creativity-oriented pedagogical approach based on the integration of different non-formal/informal methodologies from the three methods
  • To co-design a PERSE toolbox containing material and immaterial items essential for creating a suitable PERSE educational environment and deliver PERSE activities for young people
  • To create a set of short term laboratories for young people based on the PERSE method
  • To create a PERSE European Creative Hub of Ideas as an online environment enclosed on the official website of the project, which will support the online networking room of discussion, online transnational roundtables alongside a Hackathon event